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Direct Deposit

Minnesota Lakes Bank offers FREE direct deposit to our customers. Direct deposit is safe, reliable, convenient and confidential.

Sign-up with your employer for direct deposit of your payroll checks to enjoy all the benefits of this service

  • With direct deposit there is no possibility of lost, stolen or damaged checks.
  • Direct deposit is virtually error-proof.
  • With direct deposit you do not need to worry about getting to the bank on payday.
  • If you are on vacation or simply too busy to get to the bank, your deposit is made for you.
  • Direct deposit is confidential because it reduces the number of people who see your checks.
  • Your deposit is made electronically.

For our customers who receive Social Security benefits, contact your local Social Security Administration office for further information. The Social Security Administration processes more than 300 million benefit payments by direct deposit each year and not a single one has been lost. For more information, follow this link: Social Security Administration

DIRECT DEPOSIT - Safe, Reliable, Convenient, Confidential, Free

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